Rates & Studio Policies

Rates and Policies

Free consultations are available to prospective students (and parents/guardians, if applicable) to spend some time getting to know the teacher ask any questions about teaching style, policies, etc. A short lesson will usually be given during a free consultation as well. Each person is limited to one free consultation.

Monthly Plans are available September through May and have the lowest rates, and have preferential scheduling. Excused absences (see below) will be rescheduled or additional time added on the subsequent lessons until the time is made up. Voice and instrument lessons are the same price. Family members may add the lesson times together to qualify for the lower rates given for longer lessons.

  • 55 minute lessons –
    • Four lessons for $160/month, two lessons for $90/month
  • 42 minute lessons –
    • Four lessons for $135/month, two lessons for $75/month
  • 28 minute lessons –
    • Four lessons for $100/month, two lessons for $55/month
  • Individual Lessons
    • 55 minute – $50
    • 42 minute lesson – $41.25
    • 28 minute lessons – $27.50

Excused absences will be rescheduled if 24 hours or more notice is given, but longer notice is appreciated! In case of an emergency or illness, less than 24 hours is acceptable if notice is given as soon as is possible. Emergency cancellations are limited to 1 every six months. If these rules are not followed, the missed lesson will not be rescheduled.

Summer tuition plans

For the months of June, July and August lessons can be purchased in a set of four lessons at the same rate as the monthly plan for four lessons, listed above. But the lessons can be taken any time during those three months, giving flexibility during summer months for vacations. The cancellation policy still applies for lessons scheduled during that time. All four lessons can be scheduled at the time of purchase, or scheduled individually. If the student needs to purchase fewer than 4 lessons to finish out the summer, they will be pro-rated at the cost of the monthly plan.

Changes in schedule for the beginning of the school year

Many students take lessons at a different time during summer vacation than they do during the school year. As September nears, students who need after school appointments can schedule those times in August. Students who take lessons over the summer can schedule beginning August 1st, students returning after taking summer vacation off can schedule beginning August 7th and new students can schedule beginning August 14th.